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Uth’s name came from YOUTH. We believe brands should never grow old; and keep relevant to today’s consumers. Understanding consumer insight and behaviour are the key for brand affinity. Media or spokesperson is only a means of communications, the key is what and how to communicate with consumers in an interesting and relevant manner from the brand’s persona.
Since the birth of Uth in 2011, the Agency started to work closely with brand leaders to create ground breaking campaigns. Uth became the most awarded Creative Agency at HKMA for the last decade. It’s an Agency with full passion to set benchmark for category leaders.


Desmond So



Hong Kong is a fast-paced market. Marketers are looking for swift creative solutions to trigger consumer interest riding on current sentiment or counteracting competition.

This formula seems to work somehow. However, being a brand leader is somewhat different. Brand leaders know what their brand stands for, the brand value created by its unique personality, and deliver its promise to their consumers. It’s no harm to ride on the market sentiment but it should always stick to the well-defined brand truth.  


At Uth, we are happy to share this fundamental belief with our clients. We work closely with our clients to define their brand visions clearly in relation to any form of communication. We never lose sight of such no matter it's a big-budget thematic film, an experiential event, or even a simple social feed.  Creativity is not about following any advertising or media trend; it should create the next trend based on the understanding of the current one, unless you want your brand to be positioned as a follower. That's why creativity should be groundbreaking, yet have a soul to engage consumers.  Engaging consumers is not only about giving what they like, but also what they want before they even realize it. That’s why creativity plays such a vital role in building a strong brand, a role that creates foresight for what’s next.


Outstanding creativity is about having strong minds, whereas quality service is about having positive attitudes and being resourceful. At Uth, we believe in and deliver both. 

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From brand vision to brand identity, from brand building to activation, from engagement to influence.

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Want to work with us? We’d love to hear from you.

Workshop No. 4, 4/F, Wing Fat Industrial Building, 12 Wang Tai Rd, Kowloon Bay

+852 2167 8833 / +852 2175 0868

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