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AIA - 現在 規劃未來

How did AIA encourage audiences to plan well for the future?

AIA introduced a new brand promise, “Healthier, Longer, Better Lives”. At Hong Kong local level, we aimed to communicate all our products / services in a total solution integrated campaign under the over-arching idea ‘A Man & A Plan’ in the beginning of the year in relation to the brand promise.

AIA offers a wide range of products for health protection and wealth accumulation, we intended to educate how different products would be beneficial in different life stages through an interesting mini-film series. Starring Nick Cheung with a few popular comedians, the humorous idea simply made people feel relevant to their daily lives.

On top of the mini-film series, we broadcasted a real-time FB event to kick-start the campaign, providing a detailed explanation of the campaign and each of the product offerings.

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