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AIA x 何詩蓓 - 為您超越 伴您突破

How did AIA sustain the role as the market leader in the insurance industry?

As the leader of the insurance industry, AIA always challenges the industry norm. Earlier in 2022, AIA claimed the space in the market with going beyond and created customers a 360⁰ health journey. In July 2022, AIA appointed Siobhán Haughey as the brand endorser, the market leader leveraged the image of the Olympic medallist and further strengthened the brand vision - AIA Going Beyond with You.

In 2021, Siobhán Haughey won her first Olympic silver medal and set new Asian records for four times. Borrowing these historic moments for the Hong Kong people, in the thematic video, Siobhán is leading the all walks of lives to swim and go beyond their limits.

To Siobhán, swimming is also a belief that motivates people to keep forging ahead. AIA shares the same vision, in which, other than their industry-leading insurance products, they have also gone beyond insurance for customers health, helping people live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives, and supporting customers to go beyond and overcome every challenge.

Under this branding umbrella, Siobhán also participated in a range of sustaining videos and key visuals launching on TV, online and OOH platforms etc., themed from insurance products, reigning worldwide MDRT, to corporate social responsibility, in which they all leveraging the go beyond spirit of Siobhán to AIA.

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