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CSL 5G 新標準 新潮流

How did csl, as a brand leader, take 5G experience to another level?

To continuously help building csl as the category leader in the highly competitive telecom marketplace, the 2021 brand campaign set a very clear objective in the first place: reinforcing its leading position and converting customers from competitive brands aggressively.

Evolving from 2019 5G launch campaign ‘See the World Differently’ to ‘Experience the World Differently’, a stylish yet innovative image building campaign was kicked off by employing the leading boy group, MIRROR, with a lead-in message for csl 5G’s unique experience yet to come. A series of interactive merchandise as well as interactive advertising devices engaged customers with a whole new experience, incentivizing for brand switch.

The campaign was highly successful which was able to achieve both sales target and leading brand image.

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